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Tom Pecha


A highly creative and dynamic motion graphics/3D animation artist with a solid understanding of fine art and animation fundamentals. Possesses the initiative and perseverance required to carry a project from inception to completion while leading and mentoring a team of animators. Team spirited, highly organized, detail-oriented individual with exceptional communication skills and a passion to elevate projects both creatively and technically.


VP/ Video & Animation - MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE GROUP, New York, NY - 06/18 - Present.

  • Responsible for the creation and management of all video content throughout the agency.

  • Manages direct reports.

Lead Animator - BGB GROUP, New York, NY - 09/14 - 06/18.

  • Leads the execution of all 3D animations, motion graphics and video projects ranging from high end medical communications to promotional advertising.

  • Oversees a team of animators and editors, delegating all motion work while providing ongoing assessments of workload and capacity.

  • Ensures that all motion work remains within scope and goes beyond expectations in order to solidify client satisfaction.

  • Leads complex methodology, design, processes, and strategy discussions, translating them into  easily digestible language.

  • Works with team members to ensure they are informed, trained, and compliant with the agency's vision.

  • Provides mentorship and coaching to direct reports, creating and implementing plans for their professional skill development.

Senior Animation Artist - LINK 9, New York, NY - 11/10 - 09/14.

  • Utilizing Maya, Zbrush, After Effects and many other of the latest software packages to create captivating media for high-end healthcare brands while creatively overseeing all projects.

3D Animator - LAUNCH, New York, NY 06/10 - 08/10.

  • Utilizing Motionbuilder to create motion captured character animations for pre-vis of high end commercials. Worked on Previs of 2011 Coca-Cola® Superbowl TV spot.

Motion Graphics Animator - C2 CREATIVE, New York, NY 02/10 - 11/10.

  • Motion graphics animator for new T-Mobile My Touch® Smartphone advertisements.

3D Animator, After Effects Specialist - HURD STUDIOS, New York, NY 3/10-6/10.

  • Worked closely within a team environment to produce captivating medical animations for high end clients such as Colgate® within tight deadlines.

3D Modeler/ Animator, After Effects Specialist - CLINE DAVIS & MANN, New York, NY 4/07-3/08, 5/09-2/10.

  • Created informative, entertaining media for healthcare brands such as Lipitor, Prolia, Axitinib, Lucentis, and Xolair.

  • Employed the latest techniques to continually expand creative opportunities for advertisers, and then brought it all together in a post production environment.

  • Utilized advanced Maya, After Effects and Photoshop techniques to meet and exceed high end healthcare marketing needs.

  • Flawlessly delivered informational media in an effective, easily comprehensible and captivating manner.

Senior Motion Graphics Artist/ Compositor - CCG METAMEDIA, New York, NY 3/08 - 5/09.

  • Responsible for the animation of all Motion Graphics in jobs produced.

  • Created the final look of each scene in After Effects, composited scenes using multiple passes rendered from 3D, and added atmosphere to environments utilizing the latest cutting edge plug-ins. Used powerful expressions, 3D layers with cameras, and advanced techniques in order to create complex and compelling animations in a manner which was not only visually stimulating but communicated the overall message with clarity as well.

  • Worked within a team-based environment, delegated responsibilities, and made sure all programs were delivered on time, within scope, and that the client's needs and expectations had been surpassed.

3D Modeler/ Animator, Post Production Specialist - THE PHOENIX GROUP, Northport, NY 8/05 - 4/07.

  • Utilized Maya and After Effects to create highly detailed organic models and complex mechanical animations of various products and environments.

  • Flawlessly completed integral tasks from concept to 3D model to final render.

  • Collaborated directly with a team of graphic artists, art directors, and production managers, clearly communicating ideas to get projects completed as diligently as possible.

  • Met and exceeded client expectations within short deadlines. 


  • LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY, Brookville, NY 9/01-5/05. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Design. Received the Silver Award in the graphic design competition "Best on Long Island". Inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society for Outstanding Academic Achievements.

  • NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, New York, NY 7/00-9/00. 3D computer animation using Maya.

  • SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, New York, NY 7/99-9/99. Fundamentals of traditional 2D animation.


Maya, After Effects, Premiere, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, Realflow, Still life & figure drawing, Storyboarding

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